076(Moe Era、2022年~)

Service name Type Description
076 (Clearnet, Tor, I2P (AH)) Official site Here
Technical Suwako (Clearnet, Tilde, Tor, I2P (AH 1, AH 2)) Personal blog Japan’s most anonymity aware loli frog(Japanese)
ryo (Tor, I2P (AH 1, AH 2, AH 3, AH 4)) Personal blog World’s biggest asshole who wants to make everyone think for themselves(English, liiiiiiiiiittle bit of Japanese too)
GNU Social SNS Twitter style SNS (no censorship, JS unnecessary)
PeerTube SNS YouTube style SNS(only for TechnicalSuwako)
Gitler Git Github style code repository
URL Loli URL shortener Shortened URL generator
Hozon Site Archiver Waybackmachine style archiver

Owacon Tech(Moe Era、2023~)

Service name Type Description
Owacon Tech Official site Will replace NE.JP Era’s Nitter, Invidious, and Odysee privacy UI’s
Nitter SNS Privacy UI for Twitter(JS unnecesary)
Invidous SNS Privacy UI for YouTube(JS unnecessary)
Librarian SNS Privacy UI for LBRY/Odysee(JS unnecessary)
Spliti Fake news Privacy UI for Mixi’s (fake) news section(JS unnecessary)

076(NE.JP Era、2018~2023年)

Service name Type Description
076.ne.jp Official site Changed into 076.moe
XMPP Chat Decentralized chat
IRC Chat Public chat